on January 01, 2020
The first week of January is perhaps the most anxiety filled one as we progress into the future and wrap up our pasts. The day we take resolutions only to break them 4 days later, it may be because we weren’t really committed to it, in the first place but just like one of our to-do lists we wanted to think of them like a task rather than working on them everyday.
It’s about time you give new year resolutions a kick and actually get clear on what you truly want in life and that will also help you take steps even in the long run towards where you’re heading.
The early riser
The wee hours of the early morning is the most productive time you could get a headstart on. The city is still quiet and it’s the best time to chalk down your activities and work on them one by one.If you’ve been adulting through life and having a hard time at rising up early in the morning keep your alarm further away from your bed, using an alarm/music player will help you rise and stay on the positive front with good music induction for that early morning.
The sugar rush
Many of us give into temptations one day the donut rules on the other days it’s a salad, it’s called balance. One day you’re up and ready to hit the gym and do your training on other days you’d rather miss it. If you’re someone who has been wanting to lose weight or get fit we’d suggest you take smaller steps to reach towards your end goal. Fitness is rather a way of life and the little changes that you make either on your eating habits or your exercising will pave the long way ahead. So take the stairs instead of the lift, walk as much as you can or take the public transport and walk to work. Little tiny steps will help you in the long run treat fitness more like a way of life
The overwhelmed soul
When deadlines, future and past pile on your head at the same time and you feel like you’re falling apart remind yourself to breathe, just breathe. Take a long stroll, distract your mind, write a few lines, clear your head, doodle, listen to some good music, perhaps a few calm chants may tone down the anxiety. Or if there is hardly any time just listen to music and time yourself at each specific task and watch yourself as you conquer the day.
The dreamer
If you’ve been dreaming of holidays amist work days you clearly should book yourself one adventure trip. After all money can be made anytime, memories cannot. So book yourself a trip and don’t forget to add in your mobile essentials while you take your time to relax.
Let go
If there is one advice that you’re supposed to begin new year with is to let go to leave your past, but to leave it gracefully to mend relationships, to mumble a sorry and to feel absolutely light as you begin the year. To let go means to not hold grudges against yourself or against anyone else to simply let it dissolve before you start your year on a new note.