on July 03, 2019

The awkward phase in school could easily be conquered when a total stranger turned in to a best friend for life. Every situation in your life had umpteen number of friends that stood by you and gave you strength when things went tumbling over. Best friends stand the test of time from fights to miscommunications they always find a way to resolve and rise above it.   

Through the course of life there will be many friends that become when you take up the act along with them.

The one with the same favorite song

You and your BFF would have sung this song umpteen number of times and yet never get tired of it. Every new song release, album cover has to be shared critically and in-depth. Music is scrutinized and you have 4 versions of the same songs on your phone. Every song album artist is shared sometimes at sleepovers at other times while you’re at their place. 

The one whose not time bound

That one friend who always makes you wait for an hour or more with their ‘I’ll be there in 5 minutes’ when they’ve barely left home. There is always a tug of war with this friend because of their habit of making everyone wait. Even though this friend of yours manages to get on your nerves, they always make it up to you with their lame jokes.

The one who can sing like a dream

This friend of yours is known for their vocal cords so much so they end up grabbing the limelight at every house party, singing or karaoke events. If you are ever invited to sing you’d most probably never likely to perform but you can always count on this friend to cover up for you, almost always.

The Acquaintances 

For those friends who are new, have the same interest and can easily catch up over a common activity make it to the acquaintance’s list. The friend you regularly meet at a spin class or have similar interests in activities. If it weren’t for them it would get a tad bit hard staying the same activity course.

The fitness coach 

If you’re in their league you’re sure of being on long walks, running, jogging, yoga or even Zumba. This person is so dedicated to getting fit that you wonder how did they even become your friend in the first place but then you thank them because they’re your go-to person on keeping your eating habits clean and train harder goals.

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