on February 11, 2019

V-day is just around the corner and in no time your social media feed will be filled with photos, love quotes and all kinds of heart images with mentions of soulmate here and there. It is the day where roses become expensive and even the radio has a curated playlist filled with love songs.

It’s true that one does not need a specific day to celebrate their love for the person, but catching up in the humdrum of life where activities and priorities take over, it’s only such specific days that bring the charm back dedicated to making each other feeling special.

While our products are showing their atrocities on Valentine’s day.

Here’s how you can make this day, truly special, whether it’s for your companion or for yourself.

Plan a hike or a rowing trip

There is nothing like a cosy outing trip for Valentine’s day, sign up for a trekking trip if you’re more on the adventurous side or treat your partner to jazz dance lessons. There are many options to choose from, you could pick boating, surfing or a cycling activity in the wee hours of the morning. While you enjoy some bonding time you’ll also have a powered work out session together.

Movie binge

Going out to the movie theatre may not give you a personal experience so we suggest that you throw in some covers, add a few fluffy pillows and get a home theatre experience at the comfort of your space.

The art of relaxing

If you like spending time at home, you can put a show, hang the starry lights play their favorite music burn a few scented candles and dine with them with a flame light and slow music. This experience will be a worthy one in years to come.

Cooking together

If you’re spending the day helping your loved one cook a scrumptious lunch then you most definitely need a radio in the kitchen, listen to your favorite station while you prepare that meal together. This will be a memory etched in your head forever.