Every new year brings the joy and enthusiasm of beginning new things and improving ourselves in all spheres of life from friendship, goals, all things professional and personal. Everyone jumps on to the resolution brandwagon, and clearly starting something new does feel good but this year we’re going to focus on bettering ourselves mentally and physically for the long term.

Since everyone is prepped for the new year with much gusto, we too have come up with a list of habits that one can easily follow, consistency is key

Here’s our list of 6 Habit’s that can give you a good start before you begin the new year with glee.

Sipping on water

In general, we’re all dehydrated because we can’t really tell when we’re thirsty unless we take a flight of steps or do an activity. With our bodies getting mixed signals that confuse hunger for thirst, this is perhaps the simplest habit of that one can set for the new year. Set a reminder on your phone to regularly drink water in gaps throughout the day keeping you hydrated and making your skin glow too.

Book a month challenge

If you’d like to ignite your grey cells and expand the horizon of your knowledge pick up a book and read. There are books on productivity, books on mastering your niche, winning clients and so much more. You could also take the fiction route and keep yourself entertained as you learn something new. You can read one single page a day or take up 12 months 12 books challenge. If you like reading by the lamp at the night you can look at our Zeb-Luna that is an absolute best for reading by the light.

Putting Mental health first

If focusing on your mental health is a big priority on your list you can time yourself for 5 minutes or look at the host of apps that offer you the peace and calm. Choose a quiet place, light up the fairy lights, burn the incense sticks, play your dedicated music or guided talk on a portable speaker and just have that quiet time to yourself. You could also look at other ways you’d like to spend, set a time and have that dedicated time only for yourself.

Move yourself

Pick an engaging activity you love and do it for a week, then slowly increase the movement to a month than a year. It could be walking back and forth to the grocery store, taking the flight of stairs instead of the lift or simply taking a brisk walk after dinner. Tiring yourself physically will not only make you feel good but you’ll feel like you’ve achieved a goal.

Getting better sleep

We’ve all been told to eat healthily and keep fit but if we don’t get enough shut-eye,  it may lead into crankiness affecting the overall mood and leading into making the wrong choices like binge eating. A well-rested head is the only big step even in the journey of fitness, so cut yourself some slack, turn off the wifi, get detached from your phone and stack it on the 5 port docking hub.

Cut the noise

At times life can throw curveballs at you, and the only thing you’re left to do is not react but to observe and ignore what’s irrelevant. So instead of losing your cool at a traffic jam you could listen to a podcast, watch your favorite television show instead of reacting. If you’re burnt mentally at work just put on the playlist and get by the day. Give yourself the time to unwind and get back.

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