on July 25, 2018

When you invest in buying a good quality sound system for your personal entertainment, you want quality output that last years;whether its binge watching an episode or listening to your favorite music track.

Deciding on buying the best speaker is an experience, personalized to your music preference but apart from buying a speaker, it’s taking care of it that really matters especially when you want supreme output quality for years. Here are a few tips that will help you enjoy your music crisp and clear in the long run.

Portable speaker

Taking care of your portable speaker is easy but only proper care can maintain its quality of sound in the long run. A few pointers are essential to keep your portable speaker running for years  

> Keep away from the dust.

> Secure it or hold it by the tag. If you drop your portable speaker it may permanently affect the sound output quality in the long run.

> Wipe it with a clean dry cloth.

2.1 / 4.1 / 5.1 /Tower speakers

If you’ve invested in sound systems these points will keep your system going for years with good quality output.

Setting up

Place your speakers on a wooden surface and preferably place the sub woofer on the floor.

When you initially buy your speakers make sure to wire your speakers correctly and place the correct wires to the said jacks, doing this will prevent your system from any damage.Do not place them near or on  magnetic surface, they may damage your speakers and effect the efficiency of the output in the long run. 

Heat and Ventilation

Keep your speakers away from direct sunlight, it can damage your speakers.

Ventilation too is an important part when your speakers are at its peak, the sub woofer unit may get heated up so it is advisable to keep your speakers in a ventilated place than an enclosed one.

Taking care of the dust

Dust can affect the performance of your speakers.

Place the speakers in a way where dust does not go in to it’s interiors. You can use a damp cloth to clean the surface of the speaker or you can vacuum the dust away occasionally. For the speaker drivers you can use a soft brush to get rid off the dust as they’re delicate.

Using a UPS

Investment in a good UPS is a must, in case of voltage fluctuations. If the voltage fluctuation goes beyond the speakers limit, then it may harm your sound system.

Apart from all this if you’re still looking at buying the best speaker you can also take a look at our blog.