on July 22, 2017

If you’re purchasing your first ever mechanical keyboard, these are the few points you should remember.

Any gamer wants to invest in top notch products for their rig and one of the most important components that make a perfect rig is a keyboard, a mechanical gaming keyboard which blends into your personal gaming arena. The first thing to look at is a sturdy keyboard that has a good build and weighs good. The next thing you look for is superior mechanical switches which have an amazing tactile feedback. If you play in the dark the backlight for keys are a must and they also look rather amazingly fitting in your workspace. A long double braided sturdy cable is definitely a must.

If you’re a writer that loves writing or a gamer looking to find the perfect Mechanical keyboard embedded with features that you’ll fall in love with, then look no further, with the Max Plus mechanical keyboard you can do it all.

Clicky sound, tactile feedback

The Max plus mechanical keyboard is a premium mechanical full sized keyboard with 104 keys and 12 multimedia keys.The keyboard has suspended and double injection key caps, which means durability, but more than that if you’re that person who loves the clicky sound then this is best suited to give you that feel with its blue switches which give you a really good feedback and you can be sure of the accuracy in typing with this keyboard.


This keyboard is backlit, every row has a different color LED backlight. There are 7 presets available, the different presets include a game mode, snake, wave and more. The LED brightness can also be adjusted in 5 levels.


It weighs about 1.27 Kg which means super sturdy and well built for all your gaming activity and comes along with a USB double braided cable with high quality which can be positioned angularly.