on July 22, 2017

Childhood is brimming with moments when your dad helped you ride a cycle or brought home your favorite Toffee during Diwali. What about that time he helped you study maths or ate a cookie along with you.The time when he greatly passed on his prized possession like his  precious watch, or the pen which he never let you touch but gently helped you refill it with blue  ink.This Father’s day, it’s time to return the favor along with selected gifts that will get him impressed.

The workaholic: The ones whose up and ready for his daily routine, a little on the OCD front, who likes when things are in order, his work is as much a priority as his family,  gift him a denoise and make his home space clutter free.

The fitness freak: The one who has always gone for a trek in the woods, or taken you along for that very long run in the woods. His physical health is so important that you get lectures if you eat munchies in the middle of the night. Gift him a ZEB-Fit 500 Band and watch him enjoy his workouts even more.

The chilled out type: The one who is always there to save you from mom, the one who will always have an answer to where all the buttercream cookies went. Who may hand over an extra stash of cash even before you ask for it. The one who loves playing video games with you. We recommend our ZEB-VR100 the virtual reality headset, so that he can gain an experience literally out of the world.

The Music Type: He was the one that introduced you to Abba, Boney M and MJ and whenever his favorite track is on the radio he sings it as loud as it can be. For the music appreciating dad’s we suggest buying the Hard Rock speakers with these you’ll rock to all bands and artists what’s more is it comes with a pair of Microphones so put your best foot forward and karaoke with your dad.

The globetrotter: If your dad is packed away on a business meeting across the world and manages to bring you little souvenirs from different countries you ought to gift him a power bank, what’s a man with a serious business but without a power bank.

Our second suggestion would be to gift him Eternity Headphones, sleek, stylish and non wired device that lets him listen to his playlist wherever he goes.

These are a few gift options you can look at this father’s day, the idea is to squeeze in some time for that special bonding with you and your dad.