on July 20, 2017

An ode to the simple life where friends gathered more often at the playground than online to play. Your birthday list included close friends,a glass of chilled rasna and samosas that you could gobble. The TV was relished for news watching Doordarshan news and once in awhile when you got lucky you would have caught an episode or two of english cartoons dubbed in regional languages. Music was precious, it was a huge amount to shell out for a cassette and your prized possession the cassette player was wrapped in plastic or a cover and used only at occasions.

The era of 90’s have gone, some of our favorite cartoons have turned into popular games but that 90’s nostalgia hasn’t died therefore this post if for those who loved music from the era.

Throwback to the 90’s playlist

Aawara Bhanwara song reminded us about about the joy of little things and that pleasure of owning that first new cycle.


Choti si aasha was a song we constantly grew up listening and humming to


You love a throwback to Kya soorat hai from Bombay Vikings as it reminds you of simple happy music


When Columbus Columbus was a popular song


*Dollar ya pound dede* Lift Karade from Adnan Sami was a song your entire school gang could sing to word by word


Mukala Mukabala, Prabhu deva’s choreography because why not?


Chaiya Chaiya : All of us loved the energy packed song and it highlighted the craze back then for for SRK to do that epic dance in a moving train


Chiku Buku chiku buku rae le because till date you remember the energy filled music


Papa kehte hai bada naam karega from Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak was so relate-able back then


Roja Roja is what you’d rather listen to for it’s melodious music


Chaand Tare Tod Lau from Yes Boss is a song you can get hooked to for hours