Buying sound solutions for home/office? Here are a few things you should consider.When you’re buying a sound system,you’re completely involved in the process of sampling music, looking at designs and buying it. But buying the right kind of sound solutions will be able to enhance the sound and the feel of the space by a notch. Take a look at our recommendations and find yourself fine tuned to the beat.

Define your space: Define the place where you’re going to use this, work front or home front, size of the room, also if you’re looking at ambient/loud music also define the purpose is it specific to gaming, movies, music or casual listening.

Define the speakers and the depth of sound you’re looking at

Tower speakers: The tower speakers are known to deliver in terms of look and performance, music, perfect sound stage and takes less space minus all the cable tangles and it’s very loud. There is also a three-way and four-way design which allows the speaker to reproduce sound as it is intended.

 5.1 Floor standing speakers is a true surround sound as the 5.1 multimedia speakers, the speakers are a standing unit and that in itself means it is less of a hassle as you don’t have to mount it.    

5.1 Multimedia speakers will give you the complete surround sound along with the home theatre experience. There are total 5 speakers in 5.1 setup, 2 speakers in the front and 2 at the back.  It also has a speaker channeled in the center and comes along with the dedicated sub woofer for the complete surround sound experience, this would be a perfect fit for a home theatre experience and is an add on for any movie or gaming action.

4.1 Multimedia speakers have two more additional rear channel speakers when compared to a 2.1 which acts as a surround sound and has a dedicated subwoofer, this works well as a home entertainment center. Because of the additional two channels 4.1 speakers will work well in a larger size room in comparison to a 2.1 speaker.

Sound Bars: If you’re looking at a clutter free living room without too many wires, this is the one stop solution for when you’d like to watch movies or general programming on tv. This would be a perfect set up to go with your TV.  

The 2.2 Multimedia speaker is an extension of the 2.1 speaker  the unique thing is that the dual low frequency drivers in the sub woofer enhance the bass experience 

If you’re looking for anything a little above that then go for the 2.1 Multimedia speaker 2 denotes the speakers which has two channels left and right and .1 denotes the subwoofer, which improves the low frequency response of speakers. These work well with your desktop/laptop any other device as well this works for easy listening and gaming as well. The Cube 2-BT RUCF would definitely be a recommend from our side.

2.0 Stereo speakers/ Multimedia speakers:  Stereo systems have two speaker units and has two channels  left and right. These suits as your desktop/laptop speakers and can be an add on for any multimedia requirement, also this works perfect for casual listening.

Portable Bluetooth speaker: If you’re all about taking your playlist where you go, we’d suggest you to look at our Bluetooth portable speaker option. Pair your device with our Bluetooth speakers and carry your music where you go, a few of our lists also have an LED feature which is set to charm you and keep the vibe going.

We also have a range of portable speakers that are USB or AC powered which would pair well with your laptop/mp3 player.


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