on May 13, 2017

When Mother’s day appears, bouquets come out in full bloom, so does the mugs with imprints of ‘Best Mother’ and so much more. Today we’ll look at Mothers day in a different light, a perspective that will help you understand and even connect with her with gifting options.

A delicate saree in a box, exclusively gifted to your mother on her day makes no difference or does it?You’ll walk into your mother’s room and hand over the gift, and most probably she will look at it hug you back and get busy in doing her routine while you step out and have the weekend off to yourself.


So instead of buying her that saree gift her a Zeb Fit500 band with superpowers which can track heart rate,calorie count, monitor the steps she’s taken, and even note her sleep cycles. It will be an added factor, when it comes to health monitoring and will help you gain an insight of her health and when it would require for her routine check up.

There are so many times mother’s at a number of tasks, forget to charge up their phone and when they’re out of home doing their errands, their battery is dying out. For moments like these a power bank in her purse is a must, don’t just gift her one make sure you fit one in her regular purse and that will make sure she’s never low on the phone battery.

If you’ve seen your mother humming to a few lines of a song or you’ve seen her engrossed in her YouTube video trying to DIY and make crafts or watch an episode of baking the perfect bread, buy her the Amazer Speaker, a top notch, portable – which also means she can carry it to the kitchen and enjoy the entire cooking experience. It has the LED feature which is a double up on any regular speaker as it has a mood setting and can be used to glorify her space and what more than listen to your favorite track with crystal clear volume.

 All that said, find the time to enjoy a little giggle, a long walk to the grocery store or sit her down make her some tea and sing your favorite songs together.