From Music to gaming, we’ve got you covered this bonding season of sibling-ship and friendship

 Raksha Bandhan is a celebration of those tiny moments you share with your sibling. Your sibling will always be your first best friend, even when your friends slowly move on with their lives.

The one that delightfully puts you into trouble or plans to support you, obviously for their own gains. Walking like a sly past your home curfew time, or the frequent competitions and challenges you and your sibling have thrown yourself into and juggled all emotions with the moments of up and down will always be remembered.

Here are a few ways you can gift your sibling something extra special for putting up with your tantrums and mostly with you.

The fighting troop

You know that one fight that prolongs like for 2 days where the only thing you hear is disgruntled voices and annoyance with everything your sibling does. The way to make it up this Raksha Bandhan is to secret gift them something they really need. Those crucial times when they’re careless about charging their phone battery prior to an event. We’d suggest Powerbank, which will power up their device and make this transition from no battery to full battery easier.

The stealer

You’ve literally come home to empty cookie boxes that you hid away in your cupboard. The headphones you wear is often missing from your bag, and mostly you find it in their bag and not just that this sibling always has the upper hand advantage to parents. The only way to get through this is to offer them something supreme a wireless headphones suggestion is what we have for you.

The fight for the remote

You’ve settled down with food in your plate, in the right chair for the correct channel but you notice the TV remote missing, because it obviously is in the hands of your sibling.  Flipping to and fro from one channel to the other non-stop along with the static noise of the show. From those fight modes to the part where who gets the most dig at chips. To those silly fights really need a good dose of nostalgia. If you’ve ever missed your tv show because of them, gift them a Zebronics ZEB-MS50 Mobile Bed Stand Holder with 6-inch Extendable Neck & 360 Degree Rotation and let them watch their favorite episodes online without any arm twisting scenes.

The body influence

If you’ve had a sibling, who has influenced you in terms of eating right or has trained you to do your squats and lunges right than, he deserves an award. That person who harasses you to check out their Triceps ever so often that you ask him to stop, you ought to gift them ZEB FIT 500. This way your sibling can not only track their calories but make their workout even more organized.

The game strategy partner

If your sibling has been more than a friend in plotting planning buying that very first game, after months of pocket money savings then you deserve to gift that someone a Mechanical Keyboard, you could also gift them a Joypad which would also allow them to play their favorite games on their mobile phones.  

That OCD sibling

While your room is covered with piles of clothes lying on a chair and you almost think if your sibling is the adopted one because his clothes neatly piled in the cupboard. The one who will yell, when his things are out of place so you know him as the OCD brother. If you have a sibling like that you can help them simplify their life by gifting them wireless headphones, headsets, or even computer accessories.

The screech buddy

You want to watch put on the newest edition of horror movies but you know you can’t watch it alone and this younger/elder sibling always agrees to sit through the movie that you have a day dedicated to either horror movies or even casually catching up on an episode of a rom-com. We recommend that you buy Samba speakers, high on volume and style.

Even after all the fighting/ whining at the end, it’s always a good patch up and a laughter riot with an even stronger bonding. This Rakshabandhan gift you’re first ever friend/sibling with a gift they’ll remember for years to come.

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