Must have Gadgets

on March 12, 2021
When you’re scouting for the best place to work or have taken to work remotely from the hills, these are a few essentials that are a must-have no matter where you go. These gadgets come real handy if you’re working, traveling, or simply relaxing away at home.

Wireless Portable Speaker

We all know music makes every moment memorable and as we look back we remember the moments of our life. So whether your sitting at home, remotely working out of a travel destination, or out with friends a portable speaker like Zeb-Music Bomb X makes a worthwhile gadget to have as it elevates the experience further, and when you’re in the mood to celebrate or simply mull over things it’s easy to connect with ample multi-connectivity options and modes and with 30* hours of playback time that make your day and help you savor memories for a lifetime.

Smart Fitness Band

Waking up to the sun, doing some yoga, beginning the day with a walk, post-lunch cycling, jogging, or dancing your heart to Zumba is an excellent way to keep fit. Fitness helps in your overall health, mental and physical. It’s easier to achieve goals when you can measure them like say a daily step count of 3K or 5K steps may help you stay consistent with your walking goals eventually pushing yourself to do more. Fitness bands like Zeb-Fit1220CH also help in monitoring your sleep cycle and other activities like a pedometer, heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, sedentary reminder, alarm clock, and many more. Fitness bands make the perfect fit for any occasion as they blend in everyday wear and monitor your health throughout the day whether you’re working out, walking, or just going about your day.

Wireless Earbuds

If you love your music without wires then you can opt for wireless earbuds that give you the ultimate freedom while you walk, jog, work out, or tackle your online meetings with efficiency.

The hands-free experience that comes with wireless earbuds Zeb-Sound Bomb Q is like no other as you get touch controls for media/volume and hassle-free pairing and all with a long battery life of 35* hours. It’s compact so you can easily tuck it into your pocket and enjoy your wireless music wherever you go.

Wireless Headphone

Wireless headphones are the best way to enjoy music wirelessly and they come with passive noise isolation including ergonomic designs that help you listen to your music comfortably for hours together. Most wireless headphones come in a foldable design for ease of portability. Headphones are a must as an essential accessory since they come real handy when you want to listen to your own playlist or enjoy your music, work, or conversations wireless. Zeb-Duke is a perfect choice as it offers a bigger playback time of 20* hours, it comes in an ergonomic design with comfortable ear cushions. Listen to your favorite tracks all day long. The headphone also has other features like Voice Assistant, RGB Lights, 30hrs* Playback including Call, Media & Volume Controls.

Wireless Neckband Earphones

If you’re someone that loves the wireless experience but likes a compact way of enjoying it then you can take a look at wireless neckband earphones that are lightweight in design, comfortable to wear that include features like dual pairing, magnetic earpiece and so much more. Zeb-Lark/ Zeb-Yoga is the wireless neckband earphone that is a must-have in your gadget bag. Most wireless earphones come with dual pairing, Zeb-Lark with 17 hours of playback time, and Zeb-Yoga with 21 hours of playback time.

Type C Laptop adapter

Laptop adapters are just the thing you would require for a desk or work from home set up. The fact that there are multiport adaptors mean you can connect multiple devices and simultaneously use all ports. It helps in work efficiency and a must have in your gadget bag

Gaming Mouse

If you want a LIT gaming mouse that also doubles up your work efficiency then Groza mouse is the one to opt for as it provides maximum comfort with ergonomic design and adjustable weights so you have more control whether you’re working or playing. It has a high grade gaming sensor along with DPI switch 800/ 1200/ 2400/ 3200 DPI.

Smart WiFi Plug

Manually switching off your devices at home is sometimes time taking and manually keeping track of everything can seem difficult but not when you have a smart wifi plug that can help you remotely track your products and regulate them according to your need and usage. Smart plugs like ZEB-SP110/ ZEB-SP116 are the must have gadget at home as it gives you more control of your devices. You can remotely control, remotely control and even check out the power consumption of your devices

Smart Home Camera

Take care of your loved ones and monitor them constantly while you’re away with an indoor camera where you can not only watch but interact as well. Having a home automation camera like Zeb-Smart Cam 100 WiFi Cube Indoor Camera that gives crystal clear images with a 2.0 Megapixel resolution with H.264 Video compression, advanced motion detection, 2-way audio & more

 Wired Earphones
Wired earphones make travel, work time hassle free and when you have music you can channelise that and work towards it effitively. Zeb-Buds 10 is a wired earphone that features a comfortable snug fit design and has a control pod featuring a mic and a multi-function button and has an L shaped connector.
Power bank

Your phone needs an extra life as you tend to juggle multiple roles, putting that phone usage to a maximum.It’s a safer option to carry a power bank with you if you’re heading out as you can charge your phone wherever you do. ZEB-ME10000 mAh Power Bank is a must have in your gadget bag and while you’re travelling.

HD Webcameras

Webcams have now become an essential part of a work desk/learn desk and have become a priority gadget as a must have whether you’re remote working or learning. Tackle your online interviews and learning with crisp clarity visuals. You could opt for a webcam like Zeb-Ultimate Star that comes with a 5P lens, 16 LED ring lights with brightness control, built-in microphone and more.

Dolby Soundbar
Have an immersive experience right at your home and get the powerful cinematic audio experience right at your home with Juke Bar 3800 Dolby Atmos soundbar. This soundbar comes with a powerful subwoofer with the power of Dolby Atmos