Karaoke to the 2021 new year!

on December 29, 2020

While the new year is almost here and house party plans have been made over small get-togethers. One cannot deny the fact that the year 2020 was the one with hurdles but that also made us love and cherish the bonds with our family & friends.

New Year Party Speaker

While the guest invitations have been, and big plans have been set to celebrate the new year with jest. It is important to put safety in check especially with the pandemic and take extra care of yourselves. If you’re hosting a house party either at your home or in your backyard you can take a look at our festive speaker range that will add high-fidelity audio, make your home a karaoke zone for you and your friends and cherish those memories for life.

Zeb-450 Moving Monster 2X8L

You can go with party speakers that come in different design features for instance you can opt for Zeb-450 Moving Monster 2X8L Trolley DJ speaker that comes with a handle on the top and wheels at the bottom so you can easily carry it anywhere you want to.. Apart from that there are LED lights that will create a party mood, change the ambiance, and feel. The speaker has plenty of multi-connectivity options along with 10.5 hours* of playback time and comes along with a phone/ tablet holder so you can mount your phone and party away.

Zeb 450 Moving Monster 2X8L

ZEB Moving Monster X12 Pro

ZEB-Moving Monster X12 Pro

ZEB-Moving Monster X12 Pro is a trolley DJ speaker perfect for parties since it’s a showstopper with features like an infinity mirror, RGB lights, and different color modes. The speaker has a wireless mic so you can karaoke away in style. It has 7 hours of playback with multi-connectivity options and comes with a remote control to have a laid back experience.

Space Deck Pro

Space Deck Pro is another portable wireless speaker you can opt for as it comes in a versatile design that can be utilised in three different ways. The speaker features an LED display and comes with 4 LED modes to bring the charm of colors to the party. Sing along on the wireless mic that tags along with the speaker or karaoke away with your friends. Listen to the powerful sound with dual 12cm drivers for a dynamic sound experience with 6.5* hours of playback time.

Space Deck Pro

Zeb-Sound Feast 100

Zeb-Sound Feast 100

If you’re opting for something portable you can go with Zeb-Sound Feast 100 that tags along with a karaoke mic and equalizer settings so you can take the party anywhere you want and play it loud with hi-fidelity sound and deep bass, multi-connectivity options and so much more.

Let us know your favorite songs to karaoke to this new year!