Reigning in the Christmas spirit

Reigning in the Christmas spirit

December is the season of merry and jolly while bakeries are stacking plum cakes one after another, churches are decorated with starry lights that stay lit well into the new year and despite the fact that friends or family might not come to visit. It’s the season to rejoice in the good memories, give thanks and proceed towards the new year in much jest.

Experience the joy of giving with a festive yet useful range that will ease the burden on your family and friends during these challenging times.

Christmas Carols and Hymns

Certain songs are a part of a festive tradition like carol singing with family and friends. This year you can truly soak in the festive season by playing Christmas carols on Zeb Soundfeast 50 Wireless Portable Speaker with Mobile Stand and celebrate the festivities with an uplifted mood.



Activities checklist

It feels great to be connected with friends and family online whether it’s a phone call or an online fest for everyone to stay safe yet enjoy the spirit of the festival. Wireless earbuds like Zeb-Sound Bomb Q or Zeb-Sound Q Pro make the perfect gift for yourself and others. The earbuds come with a Qualcomm® aptX™ chipset for crystal clear sound. It has 35* hours long battery life, is water-resistant with touch controls for media, volume, and voice assistance and Type C charging makes it super lightweight and comfortable to attend an online religious program, conferences, or just banter between your loved ones.


When you can bank on someone during the most crucial times, it makes a tremendous impact and forms bonds that you can rely on. It only makes it essential to gift a gadget that your loved ones will put to great use. A power bank like ZEB-ME10000 with 10,000 mAh capacity, Type C/ Micro USB input, Dual USB output makes for a thoughtful gift this festive season. With the humdrum of online meetings and presentations, it’s easier to charge your phone.

Wireless Neckbands

The world is moving towards wireless communication and audio experiences. To be able to enjoy a hands-free experience is a joy like no other. You can opt for wireless neckband earphones like Zeb-Yoga 101 Wireless Neckband Earphones, Zeb-Aika with 21 hours of playback time, or Zeb-Monk with Active Noise Cancellation with Deep bass and 12 hours of playback time make the best gifts for those that like freedom from wires.

More care

The lockdowns, working from home may have had an adverse effect on your lifestyle also affecting your mental and physical health. Taking out at least an hour in a day for you mental and physical wellbeing is necessary. Gift your loved ones a fitness band like Zeb-Fit920CH with features like pedometer, heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, sedentary reminder, that can lend them a reminder to take care of their health and their mental wellbeing.

Wishing you all a merry christmas and a rocking new year!

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