12 Steps to ACE your productive work routine

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What initially seemed like an easier task has now become monotonous. There are days where you ace your productivity and a few days when the productivity curve is drooping. In between the highs and lows one must find the right balance to make your work from home a productive affair.

You may not be able to work from your office but you can add work desk essentials that will make working from home a comfortable affair and with a routine that you can keep day after day.

There are a few essentials that are a must to make your work from home super productive and easy peasy.


Setting a place:

By setting up a place we don't mean work from your bed. If you want to ace in productivity you’ve to set a space where you can work regularly. You could either turn your old sewing table into a work desk or use a dining table/ stool /study desk that brings comfort, awareness, and helps you create focus. Keep a water bottle and a few healthy nuts trails by the side for healthy snacking. Make it a ritual to sit in the same space and work.



It has been proven by research that journaling or writing the plan for the day will help you help stick to the plan. Journaling either on your computer or writing it down with a paper and pen will also help you know which task, to begin with. Go through the tasks and tick them off your list one by one.


Setting the right music

Starting your day listening to ambient sounds, relaxing instrumental music or alpha waves help in calming you down and putting your focus right where it belongs. A 2.0 speaker setup like S990 can enhance the audio experience when you boost your productivity and add a pop of color to your desk.


Getting a headstart to your day

If the number of tasks seems too overwhelming you could pick the most difficult task and slowly work on them with ample breaks in between.Using an office laptop for your work might strain your neck and back. Use a laptop cooler like ZEB-NC4200 that has a retractable stand and design that will help you position the stand according to your preference and give your laptop additional cooling.


Get comfortable

Typing on your laptop keyboard for a long duration may get uncomfortable so you should switch up to a standard regular keyboard and mouse like the Zeb-Companion 102 so that you can face lesser fatigue, increase your word speed and get the comfortability that tags along with it.


Big screen

Work from home can mean long hours of work over a small laptop screen that can seem uncomfortable. And if you’re multitasking or in need of comfort switch to a monitor like ZEB-A19HD-LED 18.5cm monitor can add extra support to your laptop and make your work more comfortable and hassle-free. You could also opt for a Zeb-Cast 4k wireless HDMI dongle that mirrors your laptop/phone/desktop content to your TV for better learning and performance.



Since most work is happening from home along with unreliable electricity cut-offs. you can’t be reliable on your electricity since there can be a cut off and if you’ve been working on a presentation, a design, or working on an important document it can not only spoil your hours of work but also impact your system. Opt for a U725UPS that keeps the power steady and gives you enough time to save up your work and shut down conveniently.


Ace your online learning

While everything has been happening online it’s up to you how to make the most of it. You could upskill for a job or teach online part-time and earn. Whether you’re a teacher that needs to take a class or attending conferences online, opting for an HD camera like Crystal Pro Webcam that gives clear videos is of prime importance as good and clear video with audio makes an impression. The webcam also has a clip-on design for easy mounting which can be used as and when required.


Re-organizing your workspace

Sometimes re-arranging, organizing your workspace may help you shift your perception about working from home. To stop your work desk from looking bulky you can change or switch up to a slim model cabinet that will reduce the heaviness and give your table more room. Opt for slim cabinets range with your required settings and make more room.



Weak wifi can cause hindrance to your work online. You can miss important messages, conference calls, and look unprofessional. All you need is a wifi adapter so you can connect your PC to a wireless network via the ZEB-USB300WFD WiFi adapter that supports high-speed data transfer and streaming. It comes with a detachable high gain antenna for long-range coverage.



Always remember that taking breaks do help in boosting your creativity and concentration so take the breaks to de-stress yourself. Work on some eye exercises, stay hydrated and come back to focus.


Audio gear

SWired/ Wireless earphones and headphones help in cutting the noise from outside and they provide a personal experience and comfort for extended hours. Video calls, voice calls, or just talking to your client online; a simple wired headphone like Zeb-Pleasant with mic at your desk is a must-have. If you’re too particular about cutting down the sound try Zeb-Monk wireless earphones with active noise cancellation feature. Communicating with an audio gear causes less distraction and helps you converse online in absolute clarity.

Do let us know which is the must-have work essential at your home and leave your comments in the section below

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