on June 20, 2020


Well ever since the world has gone on a lockdown people have gone from balancing their work life, home chores and personal life and still having that family time at the end of the day. With Father’s day just around the corner, here are a few ways to give your dad the best of the best while he works extra hard at doing his duties.

We’re listing below the perfect gifts you can get your dad on Father’s day


If your dad’s at the helm of everything busy because during his work time he’s hardly available even while he’s working from home. You could gift him wireless headphones so he can tackle video calls and work meetings in a more relaxed manner than being tied to his desk.


If your dad resembles the person who likes his spot neat and clean exactly the way he left it a day before then well you could give him a wireless keyboard and mouse combo to clear the wired clutter off his desk.


If your dad has been making a run to the office then ensure to hand him a UV Sanitizer that will take care of all his gadgets, accessories, keys, money and more once he’s back from work. It is crucial to sanitize your gadgets, masks and other things when you step in from the outside.


There are people who spend making the most of their time early in the mornings then there is your dad being his work productive best during nights.If you see tired eyes and dark circles around his eye the best gift fit for him is an Atomizer or face mist. This mist with water alone creates a cooling sensation and revitalizes skin and you could either use it plain or add a rose water pack to make that tired weary face fresh in the mornings.


The characteristics of this dad is to sing at any given moment and his singing skills may not always be a breeze but he’s the enthusiastic one to take life as it comes, just listening to going at his songs makes you smile. A perfect present for a dad like that can be a karaoke mic so that he can be an absolute star with style.


There have been habits and patterns set for quite some time that made it to their morning routine. From getting up to glugging down an entire bottle of water or to have their hot water with green tea to help them kickstart the day. Get them a fitness band and push them to make more rituals to their mornings.

Do let us know which resembles your dad we’d love to hear from you!