If music gives you the chills and is something that you go back to after a long day at work, then listen up because we’re about to rock your music world!

Yes, there is a Music day

Well the fact that it is Fete De la Musique meaning(festival of music) or (Make a music day), a day to the promotion of music was created by the French Ministry of culture and it first took place in Paris, to mark the beginning of the Summer Solstice (Longest day) and from then on this festival was picked on by many countries and then celebrated all around the world.

Celebrating Music day

Make Music is a free celebration of music around the world on June 21st, it is when music is played freely on the roads ameture artists are welcomed along with the known artists, free music events are held and the public gets an exposure to the different genres of music openly

The Music connect

From the time you were a little baby at the time you grew up as an adult, music is that piece that transcended time, it took you on a nostalgia ride from remembering the songs you mumbled in the school or when a particular song was on loop mode during a period of time.

If you’re a music addict, it is known that music plays a bigger chunk of a role in your life. Many people around the world are celebrating this day by exposing themselves to new artists, new genres and are open to different kinds so Jive it Groove it, Rock it in our range of speakers and portable audio devices

The Traveler: If you’re exploring different music genres and would like to dabble experimenting with new beats and new music try our portable, Zebronics Infinity portable Bluetooth speakers or and you will hear enhanced sound everywhere you go, what’s more is it’s portable and can easily fill your space.

You can also dabble in the headphones that are easy to go with your phone, we’d suggest the Rockstar which is a big plus when it’s comfortable ear cups that help  easy listening for hours.

Music head: The exact term that defies you and your relationship with beats, tracks, background music you need music to get through the day and even while you’re riding back you always that pump that beat to enjoy with. If you’re looking at wireless audio buy the Eternity headphones, they’re amazing in audio and when it comes to looks its sleek stylish feature will have heads turning.

The full volume: If you love playing it loud, buy the Metal Head from Zebronics and you’ll easily fall in love with this product, a headphone with oozing style provides isolation and is very comfortable with large ear cups which will definitely make your world rock.  

The work out freak: Your playlist has all the music with pumped up beats that put you in the mood for a workout, you could try adding a bit of Afro beats to that playlist and feel the change. For that extreme change you will need the the ZBH-370 portable Bluetooth earphones that are comfortable for when you jog,run or for you noon brisk walk.

The stay in kinds: People who love enjoying music in their own space, in the living room with their pajamas on are the best people. Flipping the pages, cleaning a room or just introspecting life sipping on a chilled lemonade with music in the background, bask in the comfort of your home with the Hard Rock 2 Tower speakers and have a pajama house party with a karaoke feature, this includes two microphones to sing it out loud and you’ll know that the blues won’t fail you.

The mini party kinds: When you like spending time by yourself, in your room along with posters plastered on the walls you can be anybody you want, throwing a party for yourself means buying Tornado 2.1 speakers attaching it to your laptop and blasting that favorite ‘summer of 69’ song.


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