on June 16, 2020

From recollecting songs that play in your head during exams to abrupt life situations that make you hum around the background tune. Music holds every piece of you at every stage from recollecting a song that you’ve played during climbing up the mountains, the one where your entire gang sang together and brings your deepest memories to life.

Yes, we may have been on a lockdown with social restrictions and the responsibility to keep not only ourselves but others safe as well. While The day is known for music and yoga meaning there will be free live streams of bands playing or indie music happening and if you’re a music enthusiast this should excite you. The perfect combination of mind and soul is what yoga paired with music does to your physical and mental health. Yoga is intended for stretching and powering those muscles while music heals you from within.

Pair this amazing combination of yoga and music with our audio recommendations


If you’re the type that wants to dedicate themself sitting on a desktop/laptop and enjoying the splendor of LIVE music in your space along with munchies then Zeb-Supreme is the headphone you should be looking at as the wired headphone is not only comfortable but equally amazing in terms of sound.


Commiting to an office meeting is a task by itself and if you’re one of those people who love hunting random songs on YouTube that most people may not really get. You don’t believe the listicles of popular music and you’d choose an alternative medium to explore music then listening to the top of the charts hits. For a free spirited person you should take a look at our TWS earphone Sound Bomb Z1 so you get the freedom and can soar with your music expedition.


If you’ve been following the fellowships of bands and everything related to them from trivia, to lyrics then our suggestion would be on Zeb-Aika because you’re firm about what you like and a chat with you will make anyone realize that you thrive on trivia about bands, artists and musicians.


Practically every time you got exposed to a song because it was used in a game background and you had an earworm for the song. Most random songs you come across gaming definitely make it to your playlist apart from the regional songs then our suggestion would be Iron Head Pro headphone, hear but in an amazing quality audio while you game or listen to music.

Tell us which one do you relate to.