Listen to music, FM, make calls, chat with friends - wirelessly with Zebronics’ VIVO

Zebronics introduces VIVO - a multimedia wireless headphone with built-in mic. With VIVO's wireless streaming, one can listen to music, FM, and also make wireless calls from a distance of 30 meters from the transmitter. It also has an option to monitor conversations wirelessly. VIVO's dual mode lets you to use the headphone both wirelessly and in wired mode with a 3.5mm stereo cable which is included in the packaging.

Commenting on VIVO, Mr Pradeep Doshi (Director Sales, Top Notch Infotronix) said "With VIVO, you get best wireless audio experience at such an affordable price, whether you are making calls, listening to music or FM. Simply connect VIVO to your television and listen to your favorite sport channel commentary without causing any disturbance to people around you, and vice versa."

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