Zebronics introduced professional mouse pads for gamers, and elite mouse pads for graphics designers & basic purpose. Professional mouse pads Glide + are super sized mouse pads at 40cm x 30cm, while the Elite mouse pads Glide are 28cm x 20cm.

Both the mouse pads have natural rubber foam + fabric top and a non-skid rubber base for improved precision and speed, providing a perfect balance between friction and glide. With their super size spread, one doesn’t need to worry about the mouse slipping off the pad, and can be moved freely. These mouse pads are compatible with optical, laser and ball mouses.

Mr Pradeep Doshi (Director Sales, Top Notch Infotronix) said “Mouse pads have always been about precision and grip, and with Glide + and Glide, we are providing a product high on both the elements. These mouse pads are ideal for gamer, graphic designers and can also be used for basic purposes, and as always, these mouse pads are about value for money, in fact, even more."

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