Zebronics, a brand known for its diversified technological innovations to create enriching experiences, brings in its latest Fantasy Speakers BTRUCF the superpower of Sound, Monster Sound with its Monster Looks. Power packed with impressive features and stylish design, the Zebronics is yet again bringing in a superior quality product at an affordable price.

Fantasy 2.1 speakers are a boisterous pair of speakers that gets serious about volume and bass. These hefty speakers take their sound to the extreme, and do so in style. With the front Glossy panel and striking LED Display, the speaker makes up for a great listening experience especially when you just want to crank things up!

The 27W RMS sound monster certified sound from the speaker, the sub-woofer comes with a 12.7cms inch full-range driver for satellites and the satellite speakers are powered by 7.62cms full range drivers for high performance output. & clean high notes and a warm mid-range. Even at very high volumes, they suffer no harmonic distortion. The speakers also offer solid sound staging, with more stereo separation than you might think they are capable of.

Apart from its uber-cool plug and play capabilities using USB and SD card, the speaker can also play music via its seamless connectivity with several gadgets through Bluetooth. To top it, the speaker also supports MP3/WMA dual formats to play your choice of music.


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