iming to continue its success streak and further expand its reach in the Speaker segment, Zebronics, a brand well known for its Sound Monster speakers and IT Peripherals, has launched three 5.1 surround sound systems of high performance, with 5 satellites and a subwoofer each. Christened as SALSA, DHOL and WAVE, these surround sound systems deliver electrifying sound and higher loudness levels effortlessly.

From deep resonating bass to magnificent high frequencies, the heavy duty Sound Monster speaker systems will augment the aural experience with their coherent continuum of sound. All the 3 speaker systems, engineered with 3 inch driver for satellites and 6.5 inch driver for subwoofer, will breathe life into your experience of listening to your favorite tracks or watching boisterous action movie sequences.

The home theatre systems have a total RMS of 90 watts. The 5 satellites produce an output of 10 watts each, while the subwoofer comes with a power output of 40 watts. The powerful bass-reflex subwoofer easily captures all the low frequency sounds for you to feel it. This means you can revel in the high resolution sound capability with so much of liveliness in your living room or the home theatre. The sporty surround sound systems aren’t crafted just to dispense thunderous sound, but also come with rainbow LED display, that adds to your visual experience.

The eye-grabbing aesthetics and design of these 5.1 Multimedia Sound Monsters from Zebronics are compelling and win hands-down. They stand rock solid with their strong build, reflecting that of a true Monster. SALSA, DHOL or WAVE, all are crafted to perfection with a unique design and exquisite looks and you can flaunt to friends and acquaintances visiting your home.

Also, with umpteen connectivity options and features, the Zebronics speakers are a treat to the young audiophiles who have penchant for music and movies. SALSA and DHOL support Bluetooth technology, enabling you to stream music from your mobile, tablet, laptop and more. Furthermore, your world of music and movies can see a new dimension with these 5.1 sound systems as they also support USB drive, SD Card, MultiMediaCard, AUX and even comes with an in-built FM. And with fully functional remote control to help you control the sound system from your comfort zone, you can continue slouching on the couch to feel the soulful sound that has only got to be experienced

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