Standing tall at 3.5ft in height - Karaoke Nights with Wireless Mic

Zebronics, India’s leading player for IT peripherals, Audio/Video and Surveillance products, sets a new testimony/record that shall appeal to every audiophile ear, with its latest Towering personality ‘ZEB – BT9900RUCF’ that breaks free most of the performance constraints of Tower Speakers, sounding bigger, more spacious, more dynamic and clearer than anything matching its price. Embodying both the values and standing tall at 3.5ft, one of the tallest claims to fame in the speaker segment – Zebronics has another winner on its hands!

This Sound Monster tower speaker brings in line the new heights for a new generation of listeners. This tower speaker displays the epitome of Sound Monster range of products. Housed in a wooden enclosure Zebronics Speaker comes with a Sleek, handsome wooden finish design with glossy front panel that complements the décor and adds style to any room.

Delivering immersive, full spectrum sound, the Speakers anchor an amazing listening experience. The combination of both sonic accuracy and lively dynamics elevate movies to an immersive experience highlighting the subtle tones of Music. With the innovative and sophisticated 3 way driver crossover, Zebronics takes it a step further – each woofer has a dedicated and completely separate internal compartment with its own custom port tuning frequency. The result is effortless, deep bass.

With a dedicated dome tweeter, dedicated mid range driver and dual long throw woofers, ZEB Tower effortlessly cranks out clean, dynamic and POWERFUL SOUND! With 10 inch woofers in each tower, total 120 Watts RMS output, its user is only going to have a bombastic time.

Engineered for the multi functionality its several connectivity options include Built in Bluetooth, AUX Line in support and USB/SD card reader slot which lets you plug your favorite Music without any hassle. Lastly nothing can beat the feel of singing your heart with Zebronics Tower Speakers which lets you unveil your Golden Voice Box with your own Karaoke Nights.

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