Two new 4.1 model introduced ZEB-SW4540RUCF and ZEB-SW4530RUCF

Zebronics India pvt. ltd., India’s leading brand of IT peripherals, Audio/Video and surveillance products. Zebronics has expanded its line-up of speaker range with the introduction of two new multimedia 4.1 speakers ZEB-SW4540RUCF and ZEB-SW4530RUCF.

The new sepeakers ZEB-SW4540RUCF and ZEB-SW4530RUCF are done in trendy new age design. Both models are feature rich and support multiple input options like playback through USB pendrive or SD/MMC card. These speakers can be also connected to source like desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phone, TV, DVD player etc through the AUX-in option. These are also have built in FM radio. For ease of use these speaker comes with fully functional remote controller.

These models also come with LED display on the front panel of the subwoofer. Both models come in orange/black combination. ZEB-SW4530RUCF comes with orange circular protection design on the satellite driver. ZEB-SW4540RUCF has orange color drivers on the satellites. Both model subwoofer has large rotating volume controller below the LED display.

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