on July 05, 2015

ZEB-U1200 with microprocessor control and dual batteries

Zebronics India pvt. ltd., India’s leading brand of IT peripherals, Audio/Video and surveillance products. Zebronics has expanded its line-up of UPS range with the introduction of 1000va UPS ZEB-U1200.

  •     Protection for desktop computer from power related problems
  •     Micro controller based
  •     1000VA, dual batter
  •     Overload protection
  •     Generator compatible
  •     Sleep mode charging
  •     Supports cold start

ZEB-U1200 is a microprocessor based UPS. The capacity of the UPS is 1000VA and it comes with built-in dual batteries for longer power backup. The UPS comes with many features like sleep model charging which enables the UPS to charge even in the off mode. This UPS is generator compatible, which is helpful in places where power cuts are frequent and generators are used for backup. It also supports cold start; it means that UPS can be started even when there is no power. The UPS has audible as well as LED light for various alarms. It comes with overload, overcharge and discharge protection which ensures good battery life.

UPS is a essential part of desktop computers. UPS allows you to continue your work when the power goes down and safely shut down the computer. UPS also protects the computer from lot of power related problem and supplies clean power to the computer.

The front panel of UPS is done in very attractive design which adds style element to the product. It has 3 power sockets on the back. To make UPS perform better in poor power conditions it comes with input voltage range of 140-300v.

ZEB-U1200 UPS is available at Rs 3499/-. It comes with 1 year warranty from Zebronics.