FAQ - Zeb Vita

Zeb Vita


Q: How to connect ZEB-VITA with mobile Bluetooth?
A: Turn ON the speaker by pressing the POWER button for about 5 seconds. The speaker enters Bluetooth mode by default. Turn ON Bluetooth on your phone and scan for ZEB-VITA to connect with the speaker.
Q: What are the different modes available in ZEB-VITA?

A: Wireless BT, AUX input, mSD card, USB input and FM Radio.
     Press the MODE button for once to change modes.

Q: What are the different LED indications?
A: BT discover mode: Blue LED blinks
     BT connected: Blue LED glows constantly
     Charging indication: Red LED glows constantly
     LED turns OFF: Battery is 100% charged.
Q: How to scan FM radio in ZEB-VITA?
A: Enter FM radio mode by pressing the MODE button for once. Press and hold the SCAN button to manually scan for nearby FM channels. Once the scanning is complete, make use of the NEXT and  PREVIOUS buttons to change the FM channels.
Q: How to control media/volume?
A: Press and hold the NEXT/PREVIOUS buttons for increasing and decreasing the volume respectively.
    Single press the NEXT/PREVIOUS buttons for changing the song.
Q: Does ZEB-VITA support call function?
A: Yes, single press the Play/Pause button to answer and hang up on a call respectively.
     Press and hold the Pay/Pause button to reject an incoming call.