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Inspire, Zeb-184B

Sale priceRs. 1,149.00

Inspire is a reduced height cabinet that has support for mATX Motherboard and comes with a textured front panel. It also has front USB & audio and comes with a perforated side panel.
Product Type: Reduced Height Cabinet
  Supports mATX Motherboard  
  Front USB and Audio  
  1 x 80mm rear fan (Optional)/1 x 120mm side fan (Optional)  
  3 x 3.5" Devices (HDD)  
  2 x  2.5" Devices (SSD)  
  1 x 5.25" Devices (Optical Drive)  
  Product Dimension (W x D x H) 185 x 367 x 355 mm
  Net Weight 2kg
Country of Origin China