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ZEB-FM500G is a Disinfectant Fogging Machine that sanitises your home, office, warehouses, hotels, schools, hospitals, and more such places. Since it manages to cover vast areas, this is a must-buy product to keep infections at bay. The fogging machine comes in a handy design along with a fog volume regulator and an air vent for optimum airflow. Disinfectant liquid (Without alcohol) as instructed can be poured into it to produce fog, and sanitise your space efficiently.
Product Type: Fogging Machines


Input voltage

Power consumption (max) 1200W

Tank capacity 200ml

Housing material ABS

Power cord length 3 Meters

Product dimension (W x D x H) 220 x 120 x 210m

Net, weight 1.3 kg
Country of Origin China


Do not use any liquid with oil

Keep away from children

Fire Disk!  Do not disinfectant with Alcohol content.

Following alcohol free liquids can be used..

1. Glycerol

2. Glyol
3. Glycerinum
4. Bactericidem
  5. Nano-silver
6. Essence
7. Water