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  • Laser printer toner cartridge, ideal for offices/home
  • 2100 page yield
  • High-quality toner powder& PCR
  • High-resolution blackness
  • Smudge-free output
Product Type: Toner Cartridge

ZEB-LPC78A is a laser printer toner cartridge that is ideal for offices and home use. It has a 2100 page yield and comes with a high-quality toner powder& PCR. The toner cartridge gives high-resolution blackness with excellent clarity and a smudge-free output.



Upto 2100 page yield

High Quality printing
Eco Friendly

Smudge-free Output

Rich & darker Prints

Ideal for office & home use



Total page yield
2100 pages / Cartridge

Compatible Printers
H LJ Pro P1560/P1566/P1600/P1606dn
M1536dnf, C iS MF4410/4412/4420/4430/4450/4450d/4550d/4570d/4580dn
4730/4750/4870DN/D520, C LS LBP6200, C FL150/170, C IC D530/D550
  Cartridge Color

Operating Temperature Range

Storage Temperature Range

Operating Humidity Range

Non-Operating Humidity Range

Noise level

Product Dimension
280 x 78 x 83 mm (W x D x H) 

Package Dimension
305 x 95 x 95 mm (W x D x H)

Net Weight
570 g
Country of Origin China


  • Always keep the cartridge and box upright.

  • Store in a dry place with temperature below 40°c, avoid direct sunlight.

  • Install the cartridge immediately after removing from packaging, do not touch the roller drum.

  • Be careful with the toner powder. Please consult with a doctor in case of direct  exposure with skin or eyes.

  • Any sudden change in humidity or temperature might affect the performance of the  toner cartridge.

  • Recycle the empty cartridges responsibly, return back to the cartridge vendor.

  • Keep away from children.

Suitable for use in

  • H LJ Pro P1560/P1566/P1600/P1606dn/M1536dnf

  • C iS MF4410/4412/4420/4430/4450/4450d/4550d/4570d/4580dn/4730/4750 4870DN/D520

  • C LS LBP6200      • C FL150/170      • C IC D530/D550