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Zeb-PS5500 Plus

Sale price₹ 999

ZEB-PS5500 Plus is a 2500 Watt power extension socket that comes with 5 high-quality universal sockets. The power extension socket also comes with a thermal circuit breaker & power ON/OFF button along with an LED indicator. It also has overload protection and can be wall-mounted as well.
Product Type: 5 Port


Power socket with 4.8 meter cable
High quality flame resistant plastic material
Overload protection
High durability
Power indicator
Universal socket


Input voltage AC 220 - 250V, 50Hz

Rated input current 10A

Max. output power 2500W

No. of power sockets 5
No. of switches 1
Protection Overload protection
Cable length 4.8 m

Material Polypropylene
Product dimension
320 x 60 x 31 mm (W X D X H)

Package dimension
175 x 420 x 45 mm (W X D X H)

495 g
Country of Origin China