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  • Zeb-PSC4, PCI sound card 4 channel

Zeb-PSC4, PCI sound card 4 channel

Sale price₹ 449

Product Type: Add-on Cards


Full-duplex playback and recording. Built-in 16-bit CODEC

HRTF 3D positional audio, supporting both direct sound 3D® & A3D® interface. Support earphone, two/four channel speaker

Built-in 32 Ohm earphone buffer

Downloadable Wave Table Synthesizer, supporting Direct Music ®

PCI Rev. 2.2 compliant with bus mastering modes

ACPI compliant power down management

Support Windows® 2000, XP/2003
Country of Origin :  China

System Requirements

Pentium-class computer with one available PCI slot

Windows® 2000, XP/2003

DirectX 8.1 above is required